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Hey guys. Just wanted to give a heads up. I live in western ny. I am in sandy's path. We have a flood and high wind warning in effect. I don't know what will happen. Probably nothing, but if I disappear, that is why. I will try to be on tonight. <3
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I'll post this here, as most of you are aware I love on the East Coast and just a wee bit inland from where Sandy aka Stormaggedon is supposed to hit come sometime Monday. I could be without power and all of that fun stuff. I'll put my mobile number for texts tomorrow and all that fun stuff.

The plot you guys can hang out and do what you will. I won't worry about anything until I get any potential power back. I dunno how bad Philadelphia will be in that area, but most of the large trees on my street are long gone; but I still can end up with power until it returns.
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Went to dig up a nice new layout for the comm, I found one but I'm having a hard time picking the colors... sooo to make it easier, I got all three for you guys to pick. The blue on the OOC Comm, green (IC), and Pink (Mod) account.

Also, I have the new stuff linked up to the mod account. I'll add details for the alien stuff to the FAQ a little later.
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I think I want to retcon a lot of Gwen's history. SkinnyJack isn't in game anymore and a lot of her history and logs posted are with him.

Would any one mind or care if I did this?

Would it confuse people?
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I'm wondering if anyone is interested in a Winternights(Halloween) festival at Asgard? A bit of a big festival filled with a bunch of drunken and well fed Viking gods is a good thing for all. We can link both Gallifrey and Earth to Asgard, so people aren't left out and can go back as needed. :)
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The later had me confused, but here goes... just go on as business as usual, subverses have been the backbone of this game since it was formed as a PSL four years ago. The same goes with crossverse interaction; just make sure the other verses aren't going to scream bloody murder about the entire thing. The same goes with a player, let them know they're playing with the storylines here.

So seriously, sorry about the mix-up there guys!


Oct. 14th, 2012 03:07 pm
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Jack has a run in with Bruce Banner during a visit to New York City, where he also runs into two Loki's after Hulk prevented Ross's Hulk hunters failed to bring Bruce in.

Borusa along with some help from the Sixth Doctor have summoned involved parties to Gallifrey, just before the Earth is invaded by an unknown alien force. Borusa the acting President of the High Council, has placed The Master [livejournal.com profile] traken_master in charge of finding out who has been assassinating members of the High Council that were responsible for over throwing Rassilon. It is believed that the assassinations took place inside of the Matrix, and The Sixth Doctor has agreed to help with hunting down the one responsible.

The Town!

Oct. 9th, 2012 09:55 pm
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Okay, much like how we did things with Torchwood, we have things set up so people have things to do. Like it was said, people can overlap with both the militia, the civvies, and the school.

Here's the link, I'll be filling the Torcwhood people in, but if there's people you would like to put into any of these slots post in the staff post. There's plenty of open command positions, and second in command spots so there's more room for people to have a leadership role.

Click here for the staff listing.
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Okay, the post is up and anyone who wants to be will be scooped up to Gallifrey. This will also lead to the new setting the game is taking for a post invasion setting. Take your time, I still need to make sure everything for the files is up.

I'm hoping to do that next month, once I see what happens with work. :) But do enjoy exploring the planet of the Time Lords. Question of where people will stay, they have set up apartments for the non-Gallifreyans to stay in and will be attempting to replicate human foods.

I don't care if people play on the comm or sws (just make sure to link back, and make it workable for outside the verse folk.)
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Okay so before I do the post to bring him in. I need to do the post to introduce him

This is Ianto Jones!

More specifically this is the Ianto married to Tony Stark and Jacklyn Harkness, step father 1 of Meredith. He may or may not have a secret.

One for you all to discover. 


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I picked the location in the Pocono's for a reason, not due to the creepy factor it has, but the two large cities on the east coast to play with. These places will have their population halved, many were killed and others moved west to escape the original attack. The planet still needs to rebuild, and those ports are still important.

The setting for these places would be Martial Law, gangs taking over the streets, but they are the king of king for gathering vital resources to survive.

The other is the smaller cities, Ei: Scranton (humming The Office theme), that have been completely abandoned, and there's going to be hospitals with drugs in them, there maybe food stores that still have warehouses full of food, and other things needed to get around in an area required for people hiding from Big Brother.

Besides making use of the land, we will have the fun of raiding places for things we need. It will be an every man and woman for themselves out here.


Oct. 4th, 2012 09:23 pm
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This is an addition to the mod post that went up earlier today about the Torchwood town. Erik will be opening his version of Xaiver's School for Gifted Youngsters. This will not just be a school for mutants or super powered children but also any children in the town. He will need teachers and an assistant headmaster/mistress for when he needs to do things as a Knight of the Holy Cross as well as any other staff a boarding school might need.. All will be welcomed, Erik will also take in any new Rift drops until they have a home of their own. 

The school will be hidden as best as Erik can make it, so any help there would be welcomed as well since Erik believes God will provide for his new venture. *grins* 


Oct. 4th, 2012 09:05 pm
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Hammered stuff out with the rest of the admin, and here's what we came up with along with the second concept that was tossed out there. The on the constant run won't work due to lots of weeeeeeee ones already in the verse, it also does what we're looking to avoid doing and that's pushing people out. We want to pull us back into the basics, so here's the deal.

The Dalek invasion has some parts of the world, or in this case the United States looking far worse than others. The Three Families are able to exploit the lack of power, and they manage to take in political spots. The first thing they do is they do something to shut-up, and get hopefully Jack's Torchwood out of the way. They do the Non-Human Residents Act, and require anyone not from Earth or non-human to register themselves. Of course we'll give them the nice finger, and we look to go on the run. In come the Time Lords to summon us to Gallifrey, and to point out Earth's not to go terminal. We get sent back, the TARDIS/VM will be until we put an end to the Three Families tethered to Earth. We won't have them go cold, and they will serve a purpose to help pull us off the grid.

Afterwards, we end up back on Earth in a small abandoned town in the Pocono section of Pennsylvania called Promised Land Lakes. It's a real location the lake, and that picture give people an idea of what the area looks like. I'll just fill in the town layout for our own use, and just dub it Promised Land. ;)

It's an hour from Philly and NYC, there's also smaller cities in the area; Scranton, Allentown, Reading, Newark, and smaller still for people to poke at. The East Coast was one of the heaviest hit areas from the dalek invasion, New York City took the brunt of it thanks to the earlier attack on the City. The rest of the cities on the east coast have had their population halved. (Think Walking Dead or Revolution to get an idea). There's still populated small towns, cities near anything of tactical value are simply non-existent.

The town layout is small, we'll have the church/orphanage ran by Loki [livejournal.com profile] prince_loki, a safe haven school with Erik as the headmaster, and Boss Jack taking care of the town itself. Two farm houses, some cottage homes (nothing special), trailer park, hotel, clinic, garage, general store, pub, the lake, and some stuff outside of the town. I can stick some less than savory things on the outskirts, abandoned mills, and maybe an asylum to give those of our less savory types a place to hang out.

Well besides the Families, there's still the Rift. The spot was selected for this reason, the Time Lords have taken over what's happening with the one in Los Angeles (closed it), but there's still one here that still provides an entry point to this universe and needs to be protected. We still can keep our potential plots workable, ei: the angels become neck snapping types, Exodus Code becomes part of the main story arc, and once the Families are removed from power we'll restore time travel to the Time Lords.

The Families won't be the only thing to worry about, keeping the town stocked with vitals (food, fuel, medicine), other threats human and terrestrial/non-terrestrial, and things that will for the better part challenge our muses. There's going to be some moral issues (shooting a man with kids that's raiding our food, raiding another town that needs things just as badly..etc..things no longer become black and white.)

At the end, we keep the town and it becomes a matter of restoring Earth. We can begin to do time travel, finding alien allies..etc that would lend us technology to speed up the process.
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I want to apologize for disappearing on you guys. Life sort of ate me. Work has been bad crazy busy and yesterday I was rear ended. I promise I'll try to catch up.

If there's anything in particular you want me to see or tag, maybe link me to it?


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These guys are going to be the main threat to Torchwood besides the standard, Weevils and campy monsters. They are a powerful human organization that has members in various positions of power from the government, the media, military, intelligence groups (CIA, MI-5, FBI, etc..), banks, the medical community, drug cartels, and other parts of the criminal underground around the world.

They are responsible for what happened with The Miracle, and they almost did succeed in their goals of purging the Earth of the less desirable types. Even with The Blessing buried, and only two major members gone, they are still out there and a threat to mankind.

For more information.
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Fractured has been moving in a good direction lately, and that is one that is not strictly tied to relationships to become more plot oriented with room in between for other things. I rolled the idea with some of the afternoon mods, about the use of the 'empty' HUBs that we have and the fact we also have not only them but TARDIS, a Helicarrier, Asgard, and other resources that can keep us from being glued to just Los Angeles. Instead we move to work/live where the plots maybe running -- and this maybe useful seeing we're slow paced, and it allows people to have a wider use of characters at their disposal.

An example: Gallifrey - We end up spending time living in the Capitol while we bring down Rassilon from The Matrix. It provides people a chance who may not want the actiony plot to do exploration along with relationship play.

Oooor, we have something happening in New York City and we open the HUB up for use to be used there instead of Los Angeles. It keeps us fresh, and on the constant go with some room between plots to hang out in the numerous cities before we move on to the next place.

I'm wondering if people would like this, or would prefer a more localized place. Torchwood would still be the same ranks, just on the move. It would make a bit of sense, especially for a world after The Miracle. The Family is still out there from what we saw post MD, so Torchwood not staying still for long might be reasonable. We can dabble with trying to track those guys down even. (We have no idea what's going on as far as any new canon outside of the books/audios for Torchwood.) The Avengers in the comics also moved around abit, Tony traveled, Bruce doesn't sit still. The eventual outcome would be more focus outside of modern day Earth with a major plot to go with it.

I won't leave us without a center area of play on Earth, I can set up something like the Avenger's Tower or Xavier's School for those who don't fit the Torchwood mold, but want to be part of some Earth based action. My only concern is people not playing outside their boxes on both sides and people being left out of stuff.

Comments! Input! Input!


Sep. 29th, 2012 05:24 pm
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The Dinosaur plot is still on going with Thor [livejournal.com profile] asgardswarrior, The Musician, Loki, and The Master going to look into why, and where they are. Rory and John have separated themselves from the group only to come across a hatchery where they discover this is an old Silurian Ark, but they are not alone as a baby Tyrannosaurus begins to call for it's mother in one of the hallways. Jack [livejournal.com profile] notfactual and Tegan [livejournal.com profile] a_brave_heart also split to discover the vastness of the ship relies on teleports, and they find themselves in a part of the ship filled with chicken sized velociraptors. They manage to escape thanks to Tegan, and end up in another room with a friendly Stegosaurus and a computer terminal. Maret [livejournal.com profile] bottled_drums smells Tony [livejournal.com profile] heavyironmetal, Tony is not amused.

Back on the home front sometime after, The Doctor's brooding loneliness has him begin searching for away to be closer to his friends. He understands that many of them cannot travel with him like the old days due to other commitments, so he takes a job as an administrator with Torchwood.

Nick Fury learns from his SHIELD contacts, that there is a blackmarket dealer in Tijuana that is selling alien weapons to the drug cartels. He has contacted Patrick and Ianto, among any other interested parties inside of Torchwood to help put a stop to this.
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Not a plot, but a little actiony role play that I'll be cooking on sws. It's simple, may have questionable moral things happen, but yes simple fun involving weapons dealers, drug cartels, and Tijuana.


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